Efficient data-driven quality management. Quality Analytics helps teams measure and monitor their testing activities

The more your operations grow in size and complexity, the more you need data analytics to optimize your journey

Quanto mais suas operações crescem em volume e complexidade, mais você precisa de análises de dados para otimizar a sua jornada

We offer visibility into the progress of tests across multiple squads, as well as data on the productivity and quality of your digital platforms. This way, you can improve communications and colaboration and reduce the time and effort spent on some processes

Analytics Services for Quality

AIOPs - Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations


Correlate distributed data points across multiple IT domains


Explore data to detect patterns using machine learning


Avoid downtime and improve customer satisfaction


Reduce silos


Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks


Increase collaboration between Technology and Business

How we do it

1. Recognition
Goal Setting and Scenario Mapping

2. ETL
Data pipelines, extraction, and preview

3. Assessmento
Assessment and technical setup of the model

4. Development
Use of Feature Engineering, testing and training of the model

5. Optimization
Model Comparison and Parameter Tuning

6. Storage & Visualization
Data Engineering, DataViz, Dashboards, BOTs, Feedback

Our tool

AIOPS Platform

Data Lake Service

Are you using your data to your advantage?

Agile teams can launch with more confidence by using analytics, data, and execution reporting to help them deliver better results faster.

Inmetrics is a leader in Continuous Testing at ISG Provider Lens ™️ Next-Gen ADM Services Brazil 2022 and highlighted as a Product Challenger in Application Quality Assurance and Contender in Agile Application Development Projects.