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What we do

We provide maximum Cloud efficiency for your business to achieve its goals


Reduced costs, better performance and more speed to innovate and launch new products


Better user experience, more efficiency and collaboration between teams


Cost control and predictability, investment optimization and financial transparency


Optimized performance and efficient cloud management

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

More availability, faster problem resolution and better user experience


Fast systems,
stable and reliable


Boost your business’s digital journey in the cloud, ensuring efficiency, a better experience and superior performance at every stage.

Slide Elasticity and scalability Adjust computer resources on demand Slide Global access Enable efficient global operations and facilitate remote working Slide Faster innovation
Test and launch products faster
Slide Availability and reliability Ensure systems and data are always available
Slide Enhanced security
Keep data and information in compliance with protection rules
Slide Automation and efficiency More operational efficiency and faster development cycles Slide Cost optimization Control of expenses and greater return on your investments Slide Best possible performance
Monitor, optimize and better the end user experience

How we do it

Our Accelerators

Inmetrics is the first technology consultancy in Brazil to integrate Gen AI into 100% of its services. Powered by artificial intelligence and automation, our solutions are designed to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate our clients’ digital journey in the cloud:

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure Modernization:

Liev drives modernization by generating and adapting infrastructure scripts as code, optimizing processes and eliminating bottlenecks.

Observability mats:

Continuous, real-time monitoring of cloud environments, facilitating the identification and correction of problems.

Accelerated Workload Migration:

By offering deep insights into codes and applications, Liev accelerates the transition of workloads to the cloud.

Personalized Training:

Liev is able to learn and solve specific problems related to operations and infrastructure.

Infrastructure Automation

Optimization of development and operation:

Standardization and accelerated deployment of applications and infrastructures in the cloud, based on automated models, architecture with a focus on security and automation for APIs and tests.

Development Cycle Acceleration:

Accelerates the software development lifecycle by up to 80%, facilitating faster market entry and speeding up product launches. It also helps to optimize the developer experience.

Visual Dashboard for Cloud Management

Total Cost Visibility:

InCloud provides a clear and detailed view of spending on different cloud platforms.

Efficient Management of Multicloud Cost:

With relevant insights, InCloud helps companies manage and govern their investments in multicloud environments, ensuring optimization and efficiency in spending.

Our Partners

In synergy with strategic partners, we develop end-to-end digital strategies for our clients

Proven Expertise

Inmetrics was highlighted in Cloud solutions by the ISG Provider Lens ™ AWS Ecosystem Partners 2022 study, as Rising Star in Managed Services and Product Challenger in Migration Services and Consulting Services.