Infrastructures based on high availability technologies are essential to avoid failures that compromise your business. Our NOC and SRE services guarantee performance, reliability and efficiency of critical systems.

Network Operations Center (NOC)

We offer a NOC structure to carry out operational, tactical and strategic monitoring, in addition to managing your business’ IT events. Our specialists are trained to quickly identify errors that can impact a company’s financial results and reliability, supported by leading ITSM monitoring technologies and tools, based on ITIL.


We offer Customized, Automated or Dedicated NOC services. We build dashboards and provide technical support, as well as 24×7 monitoring. We use artificial intelligence to automate resources in the scalability process and we work with the automation of resources for scalability, always under the supervision of our experts.

Creation and implementation of monitoring, with customized dashboards

24x7 Active Availability Monitoring

Management and monitoring of calls (ITSM)

Active stabilization actions with scalability

Data collection with custom reports

Early detection

Recurrence analysis

UX monitoring


Contact us and learn about Inmetrics’ NOC service models and other complementary services, such as N1 support.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We transform your operation challenges through engineering. Our actions optimize systems and services, making them more sustainable, reliable, scalable and operations-friendly. This is done by optimizing architectures, processes and practices for building and operating digital platforms.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Operation as a Service (OaaS)

Enterprise DevOps at scale

DevOps assessments and strategy

Reliability & Performance Engineering

Resilience Engineering