Migration to AWS Cloud

About Neon

Neon is a Brazilian fintech, founded in 2016, whose mission is to unite technology and design to redesign and simplify the financial experience of its customers. The institution specializes in opening and operating digital checking accounts and issuing debit, credit, and prepaid cards in partnership with Banco Votorantim. A pioneer in technological innovations in banking, Neon was the first financial services company in Latin America to offer its customers the possibility to make transfers via Siri.


In recent years, Neon has exponentially expanded its market share. With the pandemic, the year 2020 brought several challenges and changes to the daily lives of companies and customers. One of the consequences of the population’s new habits was the growth of banks and digital accounts.


In the case of Neon, the movement has been so intense that the population’s new digital habits anticipated by at least three years the escalation of the institution’s growth.

Between March 2020 and January 2021, Neon grew threefold in revenue and number of customers.

Among the company’s 12 million customers, 65% use the Neon account as their primary account.

Focusing on increasing the scalability and availability of its services, Neon decided to migrate it’s entire On Premise infrastructure to the public cloud on AWS. For this, the bank requested the support of the team of Inmetrics specialists, which structured the best migration strategy according to the specificities of Neon’s environments.

Challenges and Opportunities

The adoption of cloud technologies remains one of the main forces driving the digital transformation in companies. In addition, application modernization is part of a broader initiative to prepare as these organizations respond to their changing business needs. In this sense, migration to Cloud and application modernization are usually the best option for businesses looking to optimize their technology operations, increasing scalability and reducing costs.

Therefore, by choosing to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud platform, Neon made an extremely strategic move to ensure greater reliability, scalability, and more agility to its operations.

The big challenge for the Inmetrics team, however, was to make this migration journey to the cloud without the risk of data loss and onerous costs.

'Lift and shift' for fewer infrastructure changes and as little downtime as possible

The Lift and Shift migration approach are about migrating applications and associated data to the cloud with minimal or no changes to digital architecture, data flow, or authentication mechanisms.

Applications are “elevated” from existing environments and “moved” exactly as they are structured to new cloud hosting platforms. The method does not require changes to the company’s applications and data, as they are just “re-hosted” in the cloud.

The main considerations for performing the Lift and Shift migration are the compute, storage, and networking requirements of the application. They should be mapped from what was available in Neon’s source infrastructure to the corresponding resources in the AWS cloud.

By going through this process, there were significant cost savings during the migration. Also this is a minimal risk approach to getting maximum ROI.

Impacts of our work

Our cloud migration project at Neon started in 2019 and lasted for two months. We carried out intensive work to assess the IT environment they had at the time, mapped the entire digital and logical architecture of the company, and, from there, developed the best strategy to eliminate single points of failure (SPOF). At the end of our actions, in addition to having all the applications operating successfully in the Cloud environment, we had an increase in reliability rates.

Evaluación del

entorno de TI 

Physical and logical

architecture mapping

Strategy development to eliminate single points of failure (SPOF)


of reliability

When we talk about reliability, we are referring to the requirements of an infrastructure that allows us to maximize the availability of the workloads executed, without failures or interruptions in these services.

Furthermore, managing security and compliance in a lift and shift cloud migration process is relatively straightforward. This means that there have been no significant changes in terms of business processes associated with infrastructure as well as monitoring and management interfaces.










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